Tommy Makes Rust 1000% Funnier
The Wilbur Soot Best of 2020!
The Wilbur Soot DreamSMP Finale
The Festival DISASTER (Dream SMP)
Am I the Villain? (Dream SMP)
I am the Worst Imposter
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Tiny Brain Among Us Plays
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Science expert
Science expert 16 timmar sedan
6:17 that's really sweet :]
Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson 16 timmar sedan
Hi wilber
Minecraft Eastgun
Minecraft Eastgun 16 timmar sedan
Naya Ramani
Naya Ramani 16 timmar sedan
did anyone else try to pause the thing at 14:35 when everyone was saying behind you dang he looks terrifying
Alaric 16 timmar sedan
i love that on every video that techno appears in he is so threatening and mysterious but every time i see techno's videos it is just casual commentary while he is commiting genocide
Dafina inaya Pradina
Dafina inaya Pradina 16 timmar sedan
I hate my life
ironically macaroni
ironically macaroni 16 timmar sedan
2:00 he was right
CrackMomo12 16 timmar sedan
Lily-Ann Giesbrecht
Lily-Ann Giesbrecht 16 timmar sedan
Me*watching this at 3:16am* My brain*let me sleep Me*no I cant*
Babygurl. Kiyah
Babygurl. Kiyah 16 timmar sedan
I thought the thing next to gen z said icarly
Jake Coil
Jake Coil 16 timmar sedan
☭ ☭ ☭ ☭
Jake Coil
Jake Coil 16 timmar sedan
Yeater 16 timmar sedan
Anyone still remember Soothouse?
Dino19 87
Dino19 87 16 timmar sedan
This here is Larry the Cucumber Larry: HÆÀÆÆÆÆÆÆÆ 10:02
Soralherio 16 timmar sedan
Wilbur Soot, Jschlatt ASMR Hot Pockets
Black Crystal Tears
Black Crystal Tears 16 timmar sedan
*IM GAY... I'M GAY FOR THE EGG* the iconic quote we all know 😌
Pook Ie
Pook Ie 16 timmar sedan
3:26 me: is named Grace also me: Ooh I am too
Alaric 16 timmar sedan
10:08 'oh here is techno' 'how are that many dead' then techno just shows the severed heads of like 6 people so i think we know why that many people were dead
Isaac Fostner
Isaac Fostner 16 timmar sedan
0:22 911, What's your emergency? I found Kira!!!!
Tamas Papp
Tamas Papp 16 timmar sedan
the wither is stronger than the dragon on bedrock edition
Gang tolol
Gang tolol 16 timmar sedan
Tbh this is so much more better and wholesome than the Dream Smp
Mythical Magic Moon
Mythical Magic Moon 16 timmar sedan
When Wilbur yelled "Big spoon" I jump. It was just so random, I didn't even expect it🤣
Akira Chan
Akira Chan 16 timmar sedan
Woszymek 16 timmar sedan
Jest Polska jest like
Morgan VidWitch
Morgan VidWitch 16 timmar sedan
Not gonna lie, at first I thought he was drinking out of a ketchup bottle
makaylah carroll
makaylah carroll 16 timmar sedan
who's gonna tell tommy that RosePocky's jumper is the non-binary flag? lmao
hachi hachi
hachi hachi 16 timmar sedan
JasOn dEruLo
skeerk 17 timmar sedan
"This is communism" "I will pay you handsomely"
Minebox 3000
Minebox 3000 17 timmar sedan
6.9 million views...nic
Juanphaolomiguelantonoi 17 timmar sedan
I love u wilbur!!!!!
Sallyplayzz〉:3 17 timmar sedan
Wilbur: *loses* Me: HA! GOT 'EM! Wilbur: Rule #3: No Weebs! (with the death penlty ((Im looking at you Phil))) Me: Nah. Im still here.
Seven le fax
Seven le fax 17 timmar sedan
Tommyinit makes the very atoms he glances at 99.99999999999999999% funnier, change. My. Mind.
Zaky Qursany
Zaky Qursany 17 timmar sedan
Casper the friendly ghost: no Ghostbur the friendly ghost:yes
TheBlackRabbit UwU
TheBlackRabbit UwU 17 timmar sedan
wilbur with a beard doesn't exist, he cant hurt u wilbur with a beard:
Heraclio Arambula
Heraclio Arambula 17 timmar sedan
what a loser
OffsetTactical 17 timmar sedan
He sounds Part aussie
Nightingale101 17 timmar sedan
Nothing is funnier than Wilbur asking "How much is my life worth" and then walking off the edge.
Metro Highlight
Metro Highlight 17 timmar sedan
Wait a damn minute the presentation is 99.5% or it is me
Kioko Ying
Kioko Ying 17 timmar sedan
How did u get banned from Disneyworld???
Jerick Filo
Jerick Filo 17 timmar sedan
I like how wilbur calls the girl i forhot the name but i like how he calls him baby😮😮
ann 17 timmar sedan
If you think about it, Villagers are still considered human, and if you consider their trades as trash, they probably can't afford much. Plus if one of the Villagers has/have an/<remove> emerald(s) then they probably worked hard for it. Looting their hard work is very sad, espescially the mobs and, the pillagers they have to run from, killing their only "hero" (iron golem) is very depressing, because that's the only thing that can protect them. Also, using them in a farm is suggesting something illegal, if you know what I mean. Maybe repay them back by building them a new golem? Trade with them, even if they are "trash," fix their crops, house, or repay their things back? My heart felt heavy thinking about it, even if it's just a game, but it's a possibility that it could happen in real life. Also, I would love to brag how I killed 3 endermen, and they all dropped enderpearls, I didn't even have to kill a lot, and they dropped it. All I need is 1, then I can go to the stronghold, and beat minecraft, thinking about that also makes me not wanna use my netherite items, I'm afraid to loose it. I'll just stick to my iron armo(u)r, and items, they're too precious to me. (This suggests that I am afraid to loose something, so maybe I should work on that.) By the way, I'm on bedrock, I really don't wanna ask my parents to buy java for me. :( I'm probably gonna wait until my 14th (I sound too proper to be honest) birthday (?) I'm not sure, I don't wanna look like a brat. :(
Gacha_potato 17 timmar sedan
My brothers name is Anthony... And I call him ant
CaeZ Pancake
CaeZ Pancake 17 timmar sedan
Nice vid
bee 17 timmar sedan
5:00 well this didn't age well
Alaric 17 timmar sedan
at the end there was less than a second delay for him to push that button
CjhTuber Hogan
CjhTuber Hogan 17 timmar sedan
Raig Stage
Raig Stage 17 timmar sedan
10:13 OH, MY, GOD It's actually Persian XD Who exactly expected Wilbur to laugh at a language that he doesn't even understand??? XDDDD
Pup 17 timmar sedan
“I’m gonna steal ur cat” me:“ I’m allergic to cats-👹👹“
Butter Fly
Butter Fly 17 timmar sedan
Why you Cried Over a Roach Family :]
Random Stuff with dragon
Random Stuff with dragon 17 timmar sedan
Is this the one with the tennis ball against the wall help me forget about my cancer video edit: apparently it is here’s the timestamp 10:28
Toad's Roach
Toad's Roach 17 timmar sedan
The fact that this was one of the first videos I had ever seen with Techno, is really funny to me.
Wigowam 17 timmar sedan
Foolscapify all she did was make a comment she may have spelled it wrong but there is no reason to have a massive argument in the comments
Dee Formed
Dee Formed 17 timmar sedan
Ahhhhhhh Canada. We love to screw you over in your geoguessr games
Alaric 17 timmar sedan
19:05 that plague doctor face actually scared me because I'm used to whenever i see that face in SCP: SL it usually means I'm about to die in a second
Shadow Shifter
Shadow Shifter 17 timmar sedan
Sumune Cacho
Sumune Cacho 17 timmar sedan
Five nights and freddy game the youtube think he played xd
Lemon Boi
Lemon Boi 17 timmar sedan
little did they know, sneeg would go on to be in the origins smp
it's._.l3xi 17 timmar sedan
I bet drista saw this
Tales Gaming
Tales Gaming 18 timmar sedan
skeerk 18 timmar sedan
As someone who's obsessed with stardew valley this video is painful for me
electr1ctr1ctr1c 18 timmar sedan
“jason derulo”😩🙌
Iskander Karimov
Iskander Karimov 18 timmar sedan
Who is from may? Who wants clock back?
LOUDEL claveria
LOUDEL claveria 18 timmar sedan
i dont know why none of them made a shield to be protect
Lemon Boi
Lemon Boi 18 timmar sedan
someone should drag click
LOUDEL claveria
LOUDEL claveria 18 timmar sedan
i thought it was speed bridging then why did you said MOLE
nina !
nina ! 18 timmar sedan
wilbur: “how have i not smiled?!?!?!” also wilbur like two seconds later: 12:38
Kenma Kozume
Kenma Kozume 18 timmar sedan
Wilbur, I enjoy your content. Keep the good work :)
Libs Yates
Libs Yates 18 timmar sedan
I think the funniest part of this is that my middle school band class nearly had to have a "no rituals" rule
Tae put the banana down
Tae put the banana down 18 timmar sedan
Ok wide I just hear “Jason Derulo”at 3:40???
Waffles 18 timmar sedan
OOscar The Boi
OOscar The Boi 18 timmar sedan
Wilbur looks like morgz in the thumbnail
haruunoodlessoup 18 timmar sedan
does anyone know what mod this is
Jim 18 timmar sedan
I don't know how to interpret this...
Lorna Rust
Lorna Rust 18 timmar sedan
Reporter: saying things: Bag: shut up
THAT KID21231 18 timmar sedan
Bro that wasnt a laugh you exhaled
noriaki_kakyoin 18 timmar sedan
That was actually Wilbur covering Jonathan Coulton covering Sir Mixalot
Zoila Flor
Zoila Flor 18 timmar sedan
Me do you need a arm do you need an extra hand and can you not handle this
Prime Animator
Prime Animator 18 timmar sedan
I ship it
Greenieblobie 18 timmar sedan
why is dio here with his stand. 2:29
Ahbaababja Kakakaka
Ahbaababja Kakakaka 18 timmar sedan