The Festival DISASTER (Dream SMP)

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Wilbur Soot

5 månader sedan

for TNT.
for the union! for the revolution!
I'm never satisfied.
@TommyInnit @Dream @jschlattLIVE @Quackity @Technoblade
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge, election edition. On the Dream SMP I go up against GeorgeNotFound, Dream, Quackity and jschlatt on Dream's Minecraft Server. We had lots of laughs but it was also very intense. This is a part of the Dream SMP Election and it is insane, fun and funny! POG CHAMP!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is against Quackity POG CHAMP!!!
The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

Jennifer Haas
Jennifer Haas 5 timmar sedan
Re-watching this for the third time and I still cry during niki’s part after Tubbo is killed. That part gets me every time she’s really good at showing hurt through her voice.
OPERACAO CHAVES 17 timmar sedan
Wilbur's sanity dropped just like fall guys in the first week
Maria Ratty
Maria Ratty 19 timmar sedan
Techno sounda like dream ngl
Alexi Sellar
Alexi Sellar Dag sedan
I feel so bad for tubbo because everyone blamed him for everything but he never had a choice in what he was doing to be honest.
Campbell Smith
Campbell Smith 2 dagar sedan
This should be a movie like holy shit bro
_Ally was found_
_Ally was found_ 3 dagar sedan
I don’t fricking cry at anything but at nikkis part I randomly stared crying-
wrong side of internet
wrong side of internet 4 dagar sedan
im sorry but niki had alot of lines and character in this story why mostly none of the animated dsmp lore literally has nothing about niki?
Ali Lisan
Ali Lisan 4 dagar sedan
30:57 Perfection If u don't get what I mean Wilbur claped at the same time as Tommy hitted tecbnoblade
CT 7 dagar sedan
Toomy: "forgive me cause I'm awesome." Tommy:" but I don't forgive anyone who wrongs me"
CallMeCreed 7 dagar sedan
the moment where schlatt kills tubbo was almost like when general shepherd kills ghost and roach bro that was crazy.
wave 7 dagar sedan
You know it's good when you forgot it's minecraft roleplay
JM2 8 dagar sedan
-Bad attention span -Bad at conversation -Not good at socialism -Might’ve committed tax fraud recently -Techno 2020
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 8 dagar sedan
holy crap my blood pressure
Marta Linkgreim
Marta Linkgreim 9 dagar sedan
Wilbur saying “i like buttons” makes so much sense now that he blew l’manburg up AGAIN
Grass 10 dagar sedan
"how are you?" - "I'm not insane!"
Meghan Perkins
Meghan Perkins 10 dagar sedan
How is his Dream SMP vids so low in views compared to his other vids? WilburSoot’s editing was fabulous.
Ryzen Ψ
Ryzen Ψ 10 dagar sedan
Why is wilbur on crack
Pickled_Egg 11 dagar sedan
14:52 idk why but I just started tearing up
0hbunnii 11 dagar sedan
“Do I look like a bad guy?” Yes THE FUCK YOU DO SCHLATT, YES THE FUCK YOU DO
0hbunnii 11 dagar sedan
The fact that schlatt has the fucking nerve to speak to tubbo like he’s a worthless slave or something just fills me with rage
sarah plays
sarah plays 13 dagar sedan
MoonCatGoddess 14 dagar sedan
why has nobody talked about techno saying ‘i might have committed tax fraud recently’
Zeke Carey
Zeke Carey 10 dagar sedan
Less important
clouds xx
clouds xx 15 dagar sedan
pls- i’m so not okay. i’m crying OVER A MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY.
Andrew Whitney
Andrew Whitney 16 dagar sedan
Kayleigh 18 dagar sedan
this went from Hamilton to Heathers real fast
Your worst nightmare
Your worst nightmare 19 dagar sedan
Wilbur: No one has any honor here! Niki: Am I a joke to you?
just killed a woman, feeling good
just killed a woman, feeling good 20 dagar sedan
On a different topic Anyone else miss the kinder eggs with wrapping, and there was a chocolate shell? fr those were bomb
Kiley Bauman
Kiley Bauman 3 dagar sedan
Daniël Cluistra
Daniël Cluistra 21 dag sedan
'ItsFundy was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Technoblade"
Talei Seuvou
Talei Seuvou 21 dag sedan
I love how well Wilbur shows how his character slowly becomes completely insane.
Talei Seuvou
Talei Seuvou 21 dag sedan
The bonding moment i just
Grace sandau
Grace sandau 21 dag sedan
I feel like I just watched a mission impossible movie... 😂👏
Hello People that live on the earth.
Hello People that live on the earth. 21 dag sedan
pickle socks
pickle socks 22 dagar sedan
Nikki crying in the background is so sad
Super Plushie Sean
Super Plushie Sean 22 dagar sedan
Are we all just gonna skip pass Techno doing tax fraud
Jayden&More 23 dagar sedan
1:14.That's it.That's the comment.
Benicio Haro
Benicio Haro 23 dagar sedan
wibur: hey u in the black screen yeah u, don't forget to sub. me: i already did wilbur what's next? wilbur: continue watching me: oke
Aido 23 dagar sedan
Litterally the only actual hero anymore is fucking Tommy
Sam Turner
Sam Turner 24 dagar sedan
Mitchell Wakins
Mitchell Wakins 24 dagar sedan
Wilbur soot is insane
Sebastian Basen
Sebastian Basen 25 dagar sedan
“You either die a hero or live enough to become the villain” -Some wise guy
Sarah Dougall
Sarah Dougall 25 dagar sedan
I know this is scripted, but Niki's crying hurts me
Molly Molly
Molly Molly 26 dagar sedan
I hate it when they try to act >:(
Lmanburg Is pog
Lmanburg Is pog 12 dagar sedan
What do you mean
Claire Mizuhashi
Claire Mizuhashi 27 dagar sedan
i know that this is Minecraft but jshlatt it a prick. what gives him the right to talk to anyone like that especially niki she did nothing to him but he threatens to murder her?
Lily The potato
Lily The potato 27 dagar sedan
The fact tubbo wasnt going to say let the festival begin until schlatt told him to i-
christopheryancy12 28 dagar sedan
"i like buttons"
Gay Sh*T Cosplay
Gay Sh*T Cosplay 29 dagar sedan
Wilbur giving me Jason Dean vibes-
BreakBlock.mp4 29 dagar sedan
"tnt has been laid" hol up "beneath the festival" oh
Maddie 29 dagar sedan
I’m getting some JD vibes from Wilbur
Annexias Månad sedan
damn niki's such a good actress
axstral Månad sedan
diapason Månad sedan
9:27 those were the last fireworks tubbo would ever enjoy
Pupsgy Månad sedan
Its Mandez
Its Mandez Månad sedan
i feel bad for technoblade
Tabby Månad sedan
alternative title: wilbur soot needs help and he needs it now.
Snow crystal Ice
Snow crystal Ice Månad sedan
Nobody literly nobody Techno: It STaYs iN thE PIt StAYs iN thE pIT In THe PiT :>
• That theatre nerd •
• That theatre nerd • Månad sedan
Nikki is such in underated character. Like she's such a great actress and she deserves a bigger part. I'm glad that she's finally getting a part in the plot
PaotatoFN YT
PaotatoFN YT Månad sedan
Wilbur every day I watch your videos and it just brightens my whole day I get bullied and I see a notification and it puts a smile on my face
TR ASH Månad sedan
DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS As I said to my self multiple times I'm on l'manburgs side not manburgs side or Wilburs side or techno. I do not agree on what Wilbur did at the end of this series l'manburg could of been rebuilt and Tommy would of been a better leader. And also how j said calling them a dictator I don't think this j is the dictator here he's like the Hitler of dream smp to be exact that's all I want to say
Sam Asfaw
Sam Asfaw Månad sedan
I kinda heard a jymboe slice voice
DoodlWrym Månad sedan
Tommy tried Niki, he tried Tubbo, but Wilbur was beyond repair...
Dandelion Petals
Dandelion Petals Månad sedan
00:57 I like your sweater! Is that creepy..? Sorry if it it is ❤
Hello There
Hello There Månad sedan
i can’t believe this was a part of the good old days
Val's Oni
Val's Oni Månad sedan
Mans legit tried to shut up Techno
JeffDreemurrYT Månad sedan
idk why but it really triggers me when quality says: YES SURRRRRRR
Candy Månad sedan
schlatt: time flies when you're havin' fun quackity: when you're old and senile too..
Abbey Giles
Abbey Giles Månad sedan
Don’t mind me- just *stealing* Schlatt’s quote- A wise person once said: “My school is like a lettuce. Once you wash off all the dirt and worms, it’s a pretty fucking good meal.”
Uknxwn Månad sedan
Sorry 30:58
Uknxwn Månad sedan
30:59 the axe hit and Wilbur calling is so perfectly on time
Uknxwn Månad sedan
Ashtonnn Nonya
Ashtonnn Nonya Månad sedan
Niki talking made me cry.... She is so innocent.
pineapple Månad sedan
I completely forgive teckno
Stan techno blade
Stan techno blade Månad sedan
Who doesn't? He does no wrong
Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson Månad sedan
I’m writing a book and legit, the villain (who I honestly fell in love with), when I’m writing about him I picture Wilbur. He’s amazing
Nyanko izumi
Nyanko izumi Månad sedan
I love that in the desc. of these videos it alwas says something like "for L'manburg" "for Pogtopia" and now it's just "for TNT"
Nyah Rahman
Nyah Rahman Månad sedan
play the video at 2:53 with your volume as high as possible and you can hear the little whispers :)
cherricore Månad sedan
“tubbi give me my- oh fuck i killed him” schlatt has to be the funniest character on dsmp
Dark Night
Dark Night Månad sedan
Welp... Wilbur went insane.... Again
Nameless Månad sedan
14:51 "I miss Philza. I wonder if he'd be proud of me." THIS HURTSSSSSSSSSSS
Soap Månad sedan
Picking up Hunger Games vibes. -Underground base -Evil president. -Lots of deaths and protests -Fallings out with friends -And so much more :D!
Fluffle Truffle
Fluffle Truffle Månad sedan
Why isn't this in the playlist?
cheng qin
cheng qin Månad sedan
Tommy 😡👾
Anne-Marie FC
Anne-Marie FC Månad sedan
Wilbur: I’m not insane Tommy: *joins* Tommy: hey Wilbur!.. hey..Wilbur. Wilbur: Did u join to me saying I’m not insane? I’m not insane Tommy.
Taxfoo Månad sedan
BankerPaul Månad sedan
3:03 Wilbur... :(
Rachael Clark
Rachael Clark Månad sedan
Why does Wilbur look like Harry Potter? Also 2021 anyone??
Rayan Boutrig
Rayan Boutrig Månad sedan
`Wilbur tommmy and tubbo: oh god we must blow up lmanburg and exact our revenge Technoblade: kill. everyone
_.v1cky_. Månad sedan
I love how Wilbur is just constantly making Hamilton references-
Ella Westwood
Ella Westwood Månad sedan
even now after 4 months this video still gives me anxiety.
Atrix Canada
Atrix Canada Månad sedan
29:40 Man do I love Techno
Gracie Greensmith
Gracie Greensmith Månad sedan
Niki genuinely sounded like she was in pain
Luke Sydorowych
Luke Sydorowych Månad sedan
when tommy hits techno wiblur claps and it the whole moment just made is so funny
a e s t h e t i c
a e s t h e t i c Månad sedan
this is better than Hamilton.
Daws Månad sedan
why does Wilbur seem like a psycho now lol
Vibin stars
Vibin stars Månad sedan
28:52 Wilbur was S l o W l y going insane
Lousbee Månad sedan
My thoughts throughout this: *Blow it to hell*
DeltaTale Heart
DeltaTale Heart Månad sedan
erefy Månad sedan
"he wont hurt you." .....uh 😀
Milly Games!
Milly Games! Månad sedan
is anyone else scared or Wilbur......
eunie Månad sedan
tubbo's speech made me want to eat lettuce i don't even like lettuce it's three am someone get me some help-
mb Månad sedan
14:01 their reactions lmao
Pongo Månad sedan
Wilbur: Do we really want to do this chat? Chat: DO IT
Galaxy Loaf
Galaxy Loaf Månad sedan
"I have no intetion of going down with it" Philza: Say no more.
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