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Wilbur Soot

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I am the worst among us boy. The dirty crime boy if you will
@TommyInnit @Fundy @Tubbo @Ph1LzA @Dangthatsalongname @Niki Nihachu
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
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Edited: KaiRossBests
Among us is a game in which one of your friends is an Imposter and the other nine are crewmates. The crewmates have to complete tasks around a ship before the Imposter can catch them. This is not Minecraft unfortunately but it is still very funny and has lots of Minecraft youtubers like Technoblade and TommyInnit playing it. Among us, but it's not Minecraft could be a good title lmao
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

Charlie Storms
Charlie Storms 4 timmar sedan
Ha, I dont have a cat, whatcha gon do now? 😎
フルーティー 14 timmar sedan
he may be dyslexic, but he is darn smart.
Ava Lb
Ava Lb 23 timmar sedan
Ngl the Glitch happened to me
Cyoder 1
Cyoder 1 2 dagar sedan
I was thinking, why is it so quiet? Ohhhhh Tommy's not there. Haha
•Double Pop•
•Double Pop• 2 dagar sedan
Wilbur: Or I'll still your cat. Me: Good luck. **Inserts picture of my twelve cats**
Calum McGlynn
Calum McGlynn 2 dagar sedan
My cat is lost so tou can’t steel him plus I’m subbed
Elise Walters
Elise Walters 2 dagar sedan
not only did i like this video for the content. but it was also posted on my birthday. so it deserves a second like
sf 2 dagar sedan
. .
RxRx 3 dagar sedan
I dont have a cat tho
Kermit the fraud
Kermit the fraud 4 dagar sedan
You fool i don't have a cat
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 4 dagar sedan
Nobody: Wilbur: *I'm gunna steal your cat*
gigi ferrer
gigi ferrer 5 dagar sedan
LMAOOO keep replaying 00:00
Scenit 6 dagar sedan
the intro scared the shit out of me lol
231 Nawaz. Rifaqat
231 Nawaz. Rifaqat 6 dagar sedan
hi wilbur iam your fan
rihanna yates
rihanna yates 6 dagar sedan
oh cool this vid came out on ur brith day didnt it? happy b dayyyyyyyyy!!!!! ur b day is close to mine if i am corect ur b day is 14 sep innit?
Newton McCan
Newton McCan 6 dagar sedan
Okay but it literally did unsub me so...
Katarina Bejdakova
Katarina Bejdakova 7 dagar sedan
He said Im gonna steal your cat but heres a problem I dont have a cat
wilson lu
wilson lu 7 dagar sedan
The ready brick aesthetically sail because sweets hypothetically arrest pace a psychotic trapezoid. lackadaisical, old sauce
Rommy Lilian
Rommy Lilian 8 dagar sedan
did no one really see the vent open when he was in security
Kylie Simons
Kylie Simons 8 dagar sedan
No reason to take my cat, I was subscribed
Robbie Thompson
Robbie Thompson 8 dagar sedan
Niki and wilbur Sitting in a tree KISS ING
poffed 7 dagar sedan
Tristan Matulac
Tristan Matulac 9 dagar sedan
playing as an imposter in among us with tubbo was the scariest nightmare iv'e ever imagine
Lakkappa T
Lakkappa T 9 dagar sedan
Rebekah Hatt
Rebekah Hatt 9 dagar sedan
how did he know i had a cat? *gasp*
Joe Ewmm
Joe Ewmm 10 dagar sedan
Smol brin
Aadi Playz
Aadi Playz 10 dagar sedan
00:36 i love that smile 😃
Marcus Frogoso
Marcus Frogoso 11 dagar sedan
the part where wilbur and tubbo become the imposters just makes me do the pog face for 1 hour
Marcus Frogoso
Marcus Frogoso 11 dagar sedan
intro clap scared me
Jake_On _YT
Jake_On _YT 11 dagar sedan
Guys it unsubscribed me I promise
Leah Crawford
Leah Crawford 11 dagar sedan
Nobody: Wilbur: I'm gonna steal your cat. Me: I don't have a cat though.
dog boi
dog boi 11 dagar sedan
Wliby bwain smal
Jayleianie Rosario
Jayleianie Rosario 11 dagar sedan
No not my cattttt
Dolphin boy
Dolphin boy 11 dagar sedan
Bunny 12 dagar sedan
Your my idol WilburSoot my Minecraft name is even BunnyburLoot
Yeet 12 dagar sedan
Imposter: *Exists* Tubbo: *Writes a 50 page essay about how they should be voted out just because of how they walk*
Braclet Orange tango
Braclet Orange tango 12 dagar sedan
U said I’m going to steal ur cat and I’m gonna get a cat in 4 weeks pls don’t steal it and I subbed
ncbrngs _
ncbrngs _ 12 dagar sedan
Wilbur: **puts Tommy on thumbnail** Video: *No tommy here pal!*
Venla Puhto
Venla Puhto 8 dagar sedan
Yeah there is?
Epinator88 12 dagar sedan
and if you weren't subscribed... *ad plays* I'LL RIP YOUR SPLEEN OUT OF YOUR BODY! COME TO JAKE'S SURGERY FAKES!!
Beth HEMSLEY 12 dagar sedan
~Just because he's being loud,doesn't mean he's being right~ pog, pog quote
Beth HEMSLEY 12 dagar sedan
fundy: Holy **** that is a lot of deaths imposter: its fundy tommy (imposter): why is it fundy?
Jasmine Potts
Jasmine Potts 12 dagar sedan
Which of my cats my many cats
Niki Lauder
Niki Lauder 13 dagar sedan
Im gonna steal ur cat!!!!!! Jokes on you, I don't have a cat. Whos laughing now!
lluN 13 dagar sedan
NoooooOoOoo Wilbur don’t steal my cat
:okkotsu yuuta lover
:okkotsu yuuta lover 14 dagar sedan
But i dont have a cat
It'sAstoundingYT 14 dagar sedan
Can we please talk about how Tommy faked the O2 keypad...... which isn't a task?
MegaPlayer1121 HB
MegaPlayer1121 HB 14 dagar sedan
0:32 Joke's on you, I have no cat.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 15 dagar sedan
Jokes on you I DONT OWN A CAT
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 15 dagar sedan
i’m still subbed tho
Caitlin Stewart
Caitlin Stewart 15 dagar sedan
pls steal my cat he is a arsehole
Sofija Minkeser
Sofija Minkeser 15 dagar sedan
Wilbur: 😁 - 😐 im gonna steal your cat Me: HAH! I DONT HAVE A CAT I HAVE A DOG 😂😂
Faith Hollingworth
Faith Hollingworth 15 dagar sedan
• ○ • ○ ° ° ○ Wilbur was an Imposter • ° • ○ ●
ChikongeMoe 17 dagar sedan
"Im gonna steal ur cat" Me: What if...... i dont have a cat?
Sebastian Studios
Sebastian Studios 17 dagar sedan
If you aren’t subscribed to Wilbur, Fix that now.
Reagan Tullis
Reagan Tullis 17 dagar sedan
You mean your gonna steal my cat-s good luck on that.
axel and toothless
axel and toothless 18 dagar sedan
Where is link ??
Snake - Eye
Snake - Eye 18 dagar sedan
Tubbo is the Sykkuno of the MCYT fandom
King Marius Distrito
King Marius Distrito 18 dagar sedan
but i dont have a cat
Gabby Pannacciulli
Gabby Pannacciulli 18 dagar sedan
Wilbur: I’m gonna steal you cat. Me: laying with my cat « yes sir »
LeM0n DeMoN
LeM0n DeMoN 18 dagar sedan
Tubbo:Gg wil Wilbur:Well -WELL Everybody: YELLING Me:lol
Rave 19 dagar sedan
Please dont take my cat :(
GMasterFrip Toys✌🏼😋🤩🥳
GMasterFrip Toys✌🏼😋🤩🥳 19 dagar sedan
When he saw Niki he blushed aww
Ruby Williams
Ruby Williams 19 dagar sedan
jaimyy 19 dagar sedan
Hey wilber Can you pls do more off this? :) :(
Janno Kauts
Janno Kauts 20 dagar sedan
oi wilbur so how many cats did you steal??
Alex Fallyn
Alex Fallyn 20 dagar sedan
Tubbo is God now
Projectionist Gaming
Projectionist Gaming 21 dag sedan
Oh, so you want my crack head fat cat? Have fun!
Arctic Zachi
Arctic Zachi 22 dagar sedan
Ha jokes on you I don't have a cat Anymore.... I miss them...
Faceless Jack
Faceless Jack 22 dagar sedan
I love how the dynamic is Wilbur- oldest brother Tommy- middle child Tubbo- youngest son And philza is just a cool dad
Lunq 22 dagar sedan
"Or I will steal your cat" But my cats are dead
Persephone 1226
Persephone 1226 22 dagar sedan
wilbur: im gonna steal ur cat me: even though i am subscribed my cat died
The Shorts Channel
The Shorts Channel 22 dagar sedan
"I'm gonna steal your cat" And that's why I live in the Baltics, on the 5th floor, in a tiny village and have 2 cats. (that hate everyone except for my two aunts that both have boyfriends)
Meek King
Meek King 22 dagar sedan
Jokes on you, I don't have a cat
The Luton Link
The Luton Link 23 dagar sedan
8:22 Look at the vent in Medbay
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha 23 dagar sedan
I cant subscribe sorry tho I really wanna
{Yuki- Chan}
{Yuki- Chan} 23 dagar sedan
All the people who don’t have a cat 🤣
anne frandsen
anne frandsen 23 dagar sedan
Alternative title: _Tubbo_ having a bigger IQ than _everyone_ in the lobby *_COMBINED_*
Ziiku ‘
Ziiku ‘ 23 dagar sedan
I love the way tommy explains how he found the body
ii_raindropXx Water
ii_raindropXx Water 24 dagar sedan
Sorry I don’t have a cat I have 2 dogs 😏
Lilly Fulton
Lilly Fulton 24 dagar sedan
No not my cat!
Tristan Denizard
Tristan Denizard 24 dagar sedan
Wilbur, I DON'T HAVE A CAT >:) So you can't take what doesn't exist! >:D
Benji AAA
Benji AAA 24 dagar sedan
6:38 that was fundy not phil speaking 😀
Alethea Chong
Alethea Chong 25 dagar sedan
wilbur: "if you weren't even subscribed in the first place...then I'll steal your cat" me: I don't even have a cat in the first place besides I live on the other side of the world
Kree Tsar
Kree Tsar 25 dagar sedan
Big law enters in among us
Rawrxd Help me
Rawrxd Help me 25 dagar sedan
“do it phil”
The Shaw Show
The Shaw Show 25 dagar sedan
Title: Tiny Brain Among Us Plays First Game: *Wilbur catches both impostors*
Amelia :3
Amelia :3 26 dagar sedan
Buttercup 26 dagar sedan
Wilbur : i am gonna steel your cat Me : ok good for me ( have cat call teddy most annoying cat in the world )
Nick and Connor
Nick and Connor 26 dagar sedan
Ooom cabi albi oop calli abbi woop
poloclub0687 26 dagar sedan
0:37 i dont have a cat..
Eshika Shukla
Eshika Shukla 26 dagar sedan
0:35 I don't have a cat ._.
Xavier Guilloux
Xavier Guilloux 26 dagar sedan
nicole 26 dagar sedan
AriPotato 27 dagar sedan
Tubbo is the definition of pog
Laney Ann Wardrop
Laney Ann Wardrop 27 dagar sedan
I don’t have a cat
KoalaGaming18 27 dagar sedan
will: 'i dont think its niki' will literally a minute later: *votes niki* EDIT: lol it was niki
KoalaGaming18 27 dagar sedan
wow you werent joking when you said yt unsubs. apparently i wasnt subbed... maybe its my new acc idk but thankful i checked
Bee 27 dagar sedan
Niki always sounds so scared 😂
Francis Zabala
Francis Zabala 27 dagar sedan
jokes on you i have dog
Slimmy 0294
Slimmy 0294 27 dagar sedan
At 8:24 I saw a vent open in med
Funtime Catty
Funtime Catty 27 dagar sedan
But.... I’m a cat furry- I DON’T CONSENT TO THIS DAMNIT- oh wait I’m subscribed
Enzo Miguel Tentativa
Enzo Miguel Tentativa 27 dagar sedan
My cat right now:👁️💧👄💧👁️
Gappled 27 dagar sedan
wilbur: if you’re not subscribe at the first place... I will steal your cat me: HAHA I DONT EVEN HAVE A CAT my cat: *exists* me: oh my god WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO MEEE
Never play Among Us with me
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